Want to get a beautiful hairstyle by hair Curler?

Want to get a beautiful hairstyle by hair Curler?

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Cheap Ghd Hair Straightners To create smooth flowing hair styling, if not go to the hair salon, have their own in the home straight bar straightening. However, some people may not know how to correctly manipulate the straight rod. Pay attention to avoid the error below 6 common hair stick, let your shape more perfect. Before the hair do heat styling, must be sprayed with a layer of heat protection spray.

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After washing my hair, in the wet hair on the basin thermal protective spray, can be reduced to the maximum extent heat damage to the hair. Many people most probably it did not actually happen to think that, if we wanted to avoid heat damage to the hair, then the straight rod of the heat transferred to the lowest. In fact, the hair was thin and fine talents suitable for low thermal profile, and the amount of fat in normal or relatively thick others applications of high thermal profile. With low thermal profile, means that you have to move back and forth straight stick several times to iron out the effect, more easy to damage hair. High profile and can be a good shape, more effective, on the degree of hair damage is also lower.
Because “for straight” eager, many people will be holding a straight rod perm when vertical to drop, the key part of perm tail. In fact, the root is the key region. The perm, use your hands to lift a strand of hair, then started toward the flat horizontal direction hot hair from the hair root, so as to make the hair become straight from the root.
Along with the changeable requirements of hairstyle, hair curler has become the beauty of the MM who begin an important tool to create amazing hair myself. But how to use hair stick? Learn how to use hair stick can not only make us have a beautiful shape, but also reduce the modeling of damage to the hair, let you also have beautiful and healthy hair. Tips are now followed by GHD together to learn how to use a curling iron.
First of all, we want to use the hair curler with a cover, during the heating cover can make the hair curler is easier to reach the required temperature. If the hair curler built-in in cleaning up must not be above water, with a dry towel to wipe clean can. In general, temperature hair stick at 50 degrees can be, but because of exposure to hair curler temperature will be reduced, so generally need to be heated to 90 degrees, and the heating time is usually when 1-2 minutes hot just observe drum at the top of the color temperature can know how much.
As long as the use of small skills to master good hair stick, you can easily create a fashion of curly hair oh.and then use the hair stick will the upper part of the hair is curled inward, the other side of the upper part of the hair is also used to curl; finally all the hair curled hair hands after finishing slightly, then the overall spray on the shape of the product is ok. In fact, I think as long as the society of hair stick to use, you can also easily be fresh hair change hair into mature charm long oh.

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